The Market Metrix Hospitality Index©

As the largest and most in-depth measure of hotel, car rental and airline performance available today, the Market Metrix Hospitality Index (MMHI) has become a touchstone for the hospitality industry. Based on 35,000 customer interviews conducted each quarter, the index has unprecedented breadth and depth.

Industry results are compiled into quarterly reports, which are available for purchase. Subscribers can measure their company's stand-alone performance and dynamically benchmark their ratings against those of competitors and highly ranked companies within and across other hospitality industries.

MMHI© includes:

1) 35,000 NEW customer interviews per quarter.

In-depth surveys are conducted online and via telephone to gather information about customers' recent hotel, car rental and/or airline experiences.

2) Quarterly results for customer satisfaction, Loyalty Emotions©, pricing analysis and demographic detail by brand, industry segment and each industry as a whole.

Companies that provide selected emotional experiences for their customers (Loyalty Emotions) obtain higher rates and can increase prices with fewer objections (price elasticity).

3) Innovative metrics provide new insights into consumer attitudes and behavior.

For example, "Loyalty Program Strength" indicates the relative success of a brand's loyalty program compared to other programs in the industry.

4) Quarterly Results for 110 hotel brands, 16 airlines, and 8 car rental companies.

From this wealth of information, we can identify hotel, car rental, and airline industry trends, find best practices and benchmark comparison metrics.

5) A powerful consumer segmentation model that allows you to better understand your client base.

Market Metrix developed this new approach that splits each industry into distinct customer groups based on geo-demographic, behavioral and attitudinal dimensions.

6) Flexible reporting platform that allows you to select your own competitor benchmark group.

Compare your company's customer satisfaction and other performance metrics with same-time performance results of other leading companies in your industry to see how you rank.

Market Metrix Hospitality Index is Intelligence You Can Use

By answering the following essential questions, MMHI can help you build the kind of loyal, profitable customer base that makes great organizations and impressive bottom lines.

  • How does your company’s performance compare to your competitors from the customer perspective?
  • Is your company meeting customer expectations?
  • Do you need to invest more in customer service and retention?
  • Have you created an emotional connection with your customers? Versus competitors?
  • How much more would your customers pay before switching to competitors?
  • How can you segment your customers to identify the most effective marketing, media and product strategies?

As the most rigorous research program available, the Market Metrix Hospitality Index is a powerful source of information for hospitality industry executives and their teams.


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